Jimmy Coco welcomes you...

World renowned spray-tanner to the stars Jimmy Coco, a.k.a. Jim Snyder has revolutionized Hollywood skin with his one of a kind personalized VIP home service spray-tan and tanning essentials under his trademark brand, Jimmy Jimmy Coco. Contouring luminaries such as Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox among his celebrity clientele, Jimmy developed and pioneered his unique tan recipe around a one in a million idea, mobile tanning that comes to you. No stranger to the entertainment business, Jimmy Snyder told Arnold Schwarzenegger to "Talk to the hand!" in Terminator 3. Throughout his career -whether singing, dancing, or acting -he learned the importance of readily available personal care service. Founded as Mobile Tanning Pros, in 2003, Hollywood's rich and famous would call on Jimmy to come to their house and get sprayed for Red Carpet events or in preparation for a television or movie scene. Soon, Jimmy became the in-demand Tan Man and renamed himself in 2004, Jimmy Coco and his company the very hip & "catchy" Jimmy Jimmy Coco Tanning Essentials. It was during this time that he created the world's first mobile tanning kit, which he named "The Bomb" after his bombshell & very out spoken client Eva Longoria. Within The Bomb were essential products to help prepare for and maintain, specifically, the Jimmy Coco do-it-yourself, home tanning treatment. Hailed as Hollywood's tan authority by leading fashion and beauty magazines, and earning "The Best of the Best" honor in the Allure Magazine Beauty Directory, his innovative and creative style has given him the leading edge in tanning trends. Thanks to Jimmy, the Red Carpet bronze is now shimmering in diamonds and gold, changing the Hollywood Glow forever.

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