The Man Behind

The Tan

Jimmy Coco has been the secret behind Hollywood’s most iconic looks for the past two decades and has been recognized by the Kardashians, Heidi Klum, Ariana Grande, Ashley Graham – to name but a few. Jimmy was the official tanner to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, has received numerous beauty awards and has been featured in press from around the world. Now you can experience Jimmy Coco’s signature Hollywood finish with his VIP mobile spray tanning services.

“A great tan allows you to look
your best in anything or nothing at all”


From spray tanning to skin finishing, there's nothing Jimmy Coco can't do to help you get your Hollywood glow on. Discover the services that will transform your look from original to red carpet ready.


Skin Consultation


Tan Line Correction


Dust Shimmer


Setting Spray


Full Body Contour


Tan Line Creation



World renowned spray tanner to the stars, Jimmy has revolutionized Hollywood skin with his one of a kind personalized VIP home service spray tanning and skin finishing services. Pick your package and book your appointment below.

Individual Tan

$ 350.00

Deposit required at time of booking.
24 hours for cancellation.

Tan Package

$ 1,750.00

Buy 5 and get 6th one FREE.
Package is valid for 6 months from date of use

Jimmy Coco x MineTan Collection

The Jimmy Coco Collection from MineTan Body Skin is designed to give you the same famous skin finish as some of the world’s biggest celebrities from around the world.



Come behind the scenes and learn the trade secrets from the man behind the tan, Jimmy Coco

MineTan Body Skin, the breakthrough line of professional and at-home tanning products from Australia designed to expertly complement any skin tone, has brought its first Brand Ambassador on board – Jimmy Coco, the most in-demand tanner in Hollywood.

He’s the “spray-tanner to the stars”. Jimmy Coco’s clients include Heidi Klum and the Kardashian sisters. We get an inside look at the man behind the tan!

What’s the most important thing standing between a Victoria’s Secret Angel and the runway? Jimmy Coco.Jimmy Coco has been the trusted Victoria’s Secret Angel Tan Man since 2005 after a chance encounter with Miranda Kerr where he offered her a spray tan. Then all the Angels were asking for spray tans and Jimmy became their go-to guy for the show.